I. Eligibility and Ineligibility 

1. Composers of any age, nationality, and place of residence are eligible to participate in this contest.

2. Composers who, before March 13, 2020, have scored (as the main composer) three feature films or more, which have had a commercial theatrical release in any country are excluded from participation in this contest.

II. Entry Process

The participant will score the given scene from ‘Llamigos’, a movie directed by Nicolas Roeg. Upon receipt and approval of the registration form and the registration payment, the participant will receive an email with a download link for the film. The Jury will select 5 scores as the finalists.
Finalists will be invited to Beijing for the awards ceremony in August 2020, and their scores will be performed by a live orchestra. Then the Jury will announce the final winner (first place) at that time. 

III. Composition&Instrumentation

The submitted work must be independently created by the contestant. Collaboration is not allowed. The music submitted by the contestants should convey the story of the movie well, and demonstrate excellent creativity and musicality. The submission must be orchestral and playable. Instrumentation should follow the lineup below:
        Woodwinds:1 piccolo + 2 flute + 2 oboe + 2 clarinet + 2 bassoon

        Brass:4 French Horn + 3 Trumpet + 3 Trombone + 1 Tuba

        Strings:12.10. 8. 6. 4
The final submission may include instruments not listed above, such as piano, percussion, electronic synths, and other types of instruments or sounds. However, orchestral instruments must be the principle element of the score, or the contestant will not be considered as a finalist or for any awards.


IV. Submission

    1) Application Form (online submission)  

    2) Registration Fee

    3) Resume/CV
    4) Full Score (in A3 format)(Must be generated by notation software such as Sibelius or Finale. Handwritten scores will not accepted)
    5) Audio Mockup as a WAV File in 24bit, 48kHZ (a live recording is not required)
    6) MIDI file
    7) Video file with music (MP4 format)
All participants will be assigned a code consisting of letters and numbers after registration. Participants must use this code to represent their name when submitting their works, and must not indicate their real name on the submission documents.


V.Prize & Award

The winner (first place) will receive a trophy, a prize of 20,000 yuan, and an opportunity to record their winning work. The second and third finalists will receive trophies and the opportunity to record their winning works. The fourth and fifth finalists will receive trophies.
For the recording session, the strings will be recorded by the Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra in Beijing. Woodwind and brass parts will be recorded in Budapest, Hungary. The finalists will be able to remotely monitor the sessions or, at their own expense, travel to the scoring stage and monitor the session on-site.

VI. Important Dates

        03.13.2020        Early bird application opens
        04.20.2020        Early bird application closes
        04.21.2020        Official registration opens 
        06.15.2020        Official registration closes
        07.01.2020        Submission deadline for the entries
        07.12.2020        Official announcement of the finalists 
        08.08.2020        Award Ceremony

VII. Application Fee

1. Early Bird registration: $45 (USD) 3/13/2020-4/20/2020 
2. Regular Registration: $60 (USD) 4/21/2020-6/15/2020 
3. The application fee is non-refundable.

The dates mentioned here are all based on LA (PTD) time.

VIII. Notes

1. Before the formal announcement of the nominations, all contestants commit to not releasing their competition entries in any form.
2. After the formal announcement of the nominations, all finalists commit to not to releasing their competition entries in any form before the award ceremony.
3. The submitted work must be an original work independently created by the individual, otherwise, the parties will bear all consequences.
4. If nominated, finalists and the winner agree to grant the following rights to the organizer:

        a. The non-exclusive, non-commercial use of scores, audio, and video, including your image and likeness in association with the competition

        b. The above terms apply to any country or region in the world.

5. Participants who are nominated or awarded will not be allowed to register for future competitions.
6. The committee of the Lei Cine Scoring Project reserves the rights and final interpretation of this charter. Should unforeseen factors arise, the committee reserves the right to make relevant amendments to this charter. After submitting their registration, the participant fully agrees to abide by the competition regulations.



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