We are thrilled to announce that the Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra will serve as the recording of the String section of the winning works of the "Lei Cine Scoring Project" in Beijing. Now let's take a look at the Orchestra's recording session video! Don't forget to watch in full screen to enjoy the music!
The Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra is a professional orchestra for film, TV, and game music. The orchestra has the top players who are highly professional, efficient, and experienced with both concert and film music recordings. The Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra mainly focuses on the recording of soundtracks such as movies, games, TV series. We also offer the Source Live (remote monitoring platform) for real-time non-destructive monitoring for composers or music production teams in any place of the world. Therefore, you will be able to monitor in your studio to save unnecessary travel and time expenditure. Other than that, the Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra also provides professional Music Video and documentary production service.


Address: Song 8 Sheji+Chuangyi Chanyeyuan B1-202

               Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020 China

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