1. What exactly is the Lei Cine Scoring Project (LCSP)?

LSCP is a program that involves a series of screen music activities centered around a film scoring competition. It is one of only a few film scoring competitions in Asia. The competition invites active, professional film music composers and mixers from different regions (mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States, etc) to serve as judges. Judging for the competition is fair, open, and pragmatic, with the overall creativity and quality of the music and its interaction with the film as the judging criteria. We hope that through this competition more exceptional soundtrack creators will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

2. Why is it called the Lei Cine Scoring Project rather than the Lei Cine Scoring Contest or Award?

In addition to the competition, the Lei Cine scoring Project also offers a series of other activities held before and after the awards ceremony including screen music lectures, film screenings & post-screening talks, film music concerts, and masterclasses. The purpose of these activities is to popularize knowledge about screen music and promote the exchange and development of ideas to energize the entire film music industry. That’s why we call it a “Project" rather than a “Contest”.

3. Who is this project for?

There is no restriction on age, gender, nationality, or occupation in the Lei Cine Scoring Project film scoring competition. Anyone who has not been the main composer of three or more feature-length films can participate in the competition. If you were only involved in the orchestration, arrangement, or any other non-primary composition role in three or more feature-length films, you are eligible to register.

4. How is the Lei Cine Scoring Project different from other film scoring competitions?

The judging panel of the Lei Cine Scoring Project film scoring competition is made up of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience. They have been active on the front lines of the Chinese and North American commercial screen music industry for many years working as composers, mixers, and the heads of related music organizations. As a result of their experience, the judging standards for this competition are very close those of the real-world film scoring industry. This is a rare opportunity for the testing and training of contestants who want to enter the commercial soundtrack field.
Many other film scoring competitions are held in cities and countries without much commercial film industry background. After participating in those competitions, even after being shortlisted or awarded, participants will not have many opportunities to enter the local film industry. The Lei Cine Scoring Project competition is held in Beijing. As the capital city of China and the center of the Chinese film industry, Beijing has the largest number of film studios in the world and also the largest number of music recording studios in China. Winners and finalists who come here will be able to build connections in the world’s second-largest film market, which is one of the biggest advantages of this competition compared to other similar competitions.

5. What are the prizes?

After the submission deadline, the Lei Cine Scoring Project Academy will start the judging process and the top five contestants will be selected as the finalists. The five finalists will be invited to Beijing for the awards ceremony. A live orchestra will perform the finalists' submissions, and the jury will provide comments and feedback on each of the finalist’s work. The first-place winner will be announced after the performances. The overall winner will receive a trophy and a prize of 20,000 CNY (approx. $2840 USD). The other finalists will receive trophies. In addition, the Lei Cine Scoring project committee will provide board and lodging expenses for the five finalists participating in the awards ceremony in Beijing. We will also have extra sponsored prizes (such as sample libraries), which will be announced on social media, so stay tuned.

6. Will the Lei Cine Scoring Project film scoring competition be held annually?

Yes, it will.

7. How does the Lei Cine Scoring Project guarantee fair and impartial decisions for the contestants?

We provide a unique code to each contestant which is a combination of letters and numbers. Each contestant will be required to use this code when submitting their materials. Therefore, when our judging panel evaluates the submissions they will not know the names of the participants and will only judge based on the quality of the work. After the judging panel selects the five finalists, our staff will match the codes with the registration forms, and then confirm and finalize the real names of the participants. Notification will then be sent to the selected contestants. We will also announce the finalists through our official website and the official social media accounts.

8. What are the judging criteria?

The judges will evaluate based on three main criteria: the musicality of the score, mixing, and how well it matches the film. The most important element is how well your music helps tell the story.

9. Can I use a stage name or other preferred name when I register to enter?

That’s completely fine. However, if you are nominated, you will then be asked to prove that your registered name is related to your full legal name. e.g. identity verification via a social media account.

10. How can I register?

Click on “Register” to enter the registration page. Please include your Name, Email, and Country (Address) when you pay the registration fee. We will use that information to deliver the competition film and registration code.

11. Why didn’t I receive the video clip?

After you submit both the payment and the application information, you will receive a download link for the clip within 24 hours during the business day. Submissions on weekends might be delayed and will be processed the next business day. If you are not seeing your download link please be sure to check your spam folder as well.

12. Other than the registration fee and application information, are there any other materials needed before submitting my final work?

No. You can submit all required documents together when you make the final submission.

13. Where do I submit my final work?

Please submit your work and the required documents to the Google Form in the submission page.

14. Wouldn’t the judges know the participant’s identity from the resume/CV?

The judges won’t have access to the resumes/CVs. After the finalists are selected, our staff will check the code on the resumes/CVs to confirm the finalists' identities.

15. Do I need to score the Logo at the beginning?

Contestants can decide whether to score the logo at the beginning of the film, it's not necessary.

16. What is the difference between “Early bird Registration” and “Regular Registration”?

The only difference is the registration fee. You will get a discount for registering early. The early bird registration fee is $50 USD while the regular is $65 USD.

17. Should the full score include every instrument in the mockup?

Yes. It’s always best that your score reflects every detail in the mockup.

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