The Film
Following the guidelines laid out in the Terms&Rules, all applicants will score the Ghost of Tsushima - Story Trailer | PS4. Other films or clips besides the one assigned will not be considered. More information about the film and a short excerpt are provided below. After the applicants have officially registered they will be sent an HD copy of the film, without music, via email which they can  download.
Ghost of Tsushima - Story Trailer | PS4

About the Game

Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The player controls Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Jin must choose between following the warrior code to fight honorably, or using practical but dishonorable methods of repelling the Mongols with minimal casualties. The game features a large open world which can be explored either on foot or on horseback. When facing enemies, the player can choose to engage in a direct confrontation using Jin's katana or to become a legendary warrior known as "the Ghost" by using stealth tactics to assassinate opponents. A multiplayer mode titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends was released in October 2020 and made available separately in September 2021.
For this year’s competition, we have been authorized to use the Ghost of Tsushima - Story Trailer | PS4. With Tsushima on the brink of destruction, Jin Sakai must sacrifice everything to defeat the ruthless Mongol invaders and protect what’s left of his home and people. As he embarks on an epic adventure for the freedom of Tsushima, he is forced to set aside samurai traditions and become a new kind of warrior.


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