The Film
Following the guidelines laid out in the Terms&Rules, all applicants will score a scene from the animated web series The Outcast: Season 3. Other films or clips besides the one assigned will not be considered. More information about the film and a short excerpt are provided below. After the applicants have officially registered they will be sent an HD copy of the film, without music, via email which they can then download.
The Outcast: Season 3

About the Animation

The clip selected for this competition shows a scene in a Hutong (narrow street) in Beijing from the third season of The Outcast. Three aliens wearing masks chase Wang Ye (the main character) through the hutong and the four of them run and fight. The city gate tower of Beijing can be seen in the distance. This is an intentional feature of The Outcast. The production team is committed to accurately representing real settings and locations in their animation. This is clear in scenes set in  Sichuan, Jiangxi, Beijing, and Yungui. The animation also uses regional elements such as dialect dubbing and ethnic music, so netizens frequently say this is a work with strong Chinese characteristics.
For this year’s competition, we have been authorized to use a scene from the animated web series The Outcast: Season 3,  co-produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Tencent Animation & Comics. The Outcast creates a magical alien world based on traditional Chinese culture, and uses "Qi" as a core attribute in shaping characters’ skills. By showing the self-pursuit and growth of different characters with various personalities, a legend of Chinese superpowers is revealed. The animation and production of the battle scenes between the aliens are at the highest level of 2D animation, and rank first in the hearts of countless fans. The comic "The Outcast" has been serialized on Tencent Comics, with a cumulative broadcast volume of over 6 billion on the entire network.


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