The Film
Following the guidelines laid out in the Terms&Rules, all applicants will score the short animation Caminandes: Llamigos. Other films or clips besides the one assigned will not be considered. More information about the film, and a short excerpt are provided below. After the applicants have officially registered, they will be sent an HD copy of the film without music via email which they can then download.
Caminandes: Llamigos

About the Movie

Caminandes is an independently produced series of computer-animated short films created by Pablo Vazquez and produced and released by the Blender Foundation. This is the third episode of the series. In this episode we get to know our hero, Koro the Llama, even better! It is winter in Patagonia and food is getting scarce. Koro meets Oti, a pesky Magellanic penguin, and they engage in an epic fight over the few remaining tasty red berries.

The Director

About the Production
Pablo Vazquez is an artist at the Blender Institute/Animation Studio. Born and raised in southern Patagonia, Argentina, Pablo has been involved in cartoon features and short movies for the last 10 years. He is the creator of the Caminandes series and has also been part of the open movies Sintel, Cosmos Laundromat, Agent 327: Operation Barbershop and the open game Yo Frankie!, at the Blender Institute Amsterdam.
This short animation was made with Blender and funded by the subscribers of the Blender Cloud platform. The Blender Foundation (2002) is an independent public benefit organization with the purpose of providing a complete, free and open-source 3D creation pipeline, managed by public projects on Its spin-off corporation, Blender Institute (2007), hosts the foundation’s offices and currently employs 15 people who work on the Blender software and creative projects to validate and feature Blender in production environments.

Full Credits

Director: Pablo Vazquez
Executive producer: Ton Roosendaal
Producer: Francesco Siddi
Music by Torin Borrowdale
Art Direction: by Andreas Goralczyk
Art Department

Storyboard artist:Matias Mendiola
Animation Department
Rigging: Juan Pablo Bouza
Animator: Sarah Feldlaufer
Animation director: Hjalti Hjalmarsson
Other crew
Software engineer: Sergey Sharybin


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               Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020 China

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